On Going Projects

In the grand crowd of web hosting companies, ServerSixer is dominating this industry in recent years. Seemingly everyone’s a lovable web host and domain registrar, ServerSixer boasts more than 1 million domain names under management and 250+ employees around the world. ServerSixer, which also owns manages leader Media companies and popular Hosting Groups around the globe, specializes in affordable and user-friendly shared hosting and domain registrations.

Finvolve Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian innovative IT consulting company that has been operating globally since 2013. Previously, we provided software services, but we have evolved and expanded our services to include IT, Outstanding, Consulting, and Finance Services, with a primary focus on Electronics and Green Energy.

Finvolve Academy provides training as well as placement in a variety of courses, including Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Web Development and Designing, BlockChain, SAP, SalesForce, and Power Apps. The idea behind this initiative is to guide our youth generation down the path of success by providing proper training and equipping them with the skills necessary to achieve their objectives.

Skulika is Modern and Complete Institute Automation Software that suites to almost every school or educational institution from student admission to student leaving, from fees collection to exam results. It includes 60+ modules with 8 inbuilt users (Super Admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent and Student) panel.


Finvolve Consultancy Service, formerly Bright Job Service, is a financial, taxation, manpower and placement consulting, and business consulting brand that has been active since 2013. You’ll find business solutions for manpower retention here. Account Management And Taxation Service is a financial advisory service that provides account management and taxation services. So that your business runs smoothly.


Fivolt Is A Fantastic Project In Which We Will Bring Customer Needs To Life. It Is Dedicated To Producing Consumer And Household Electronic Goods In Vocal For Local Inspiration, Such As Mobiles, TVs, Computers & Accessories, Cooling Systems, And Other Gadgets. We can do this by creating more jobs where job seekers may be placed.

Solar Energy

Finvolve GreenTech

Finvolve Green is a leading state provider of comprehensive photovoltaic solar accessories that rely on its advanced module and system technology. Today, the Company’s integrated power plant solutions provide an economically appealing alternative to fossil-fuel electricity generation. Finvolve Solar renewable energy systems protect and improve the environment from raw material sourcing to end-of-life module recycling. Finvolve Solar provides bankable PV energy solutions that enable a world powered by reliable and affordable solar electricity by integrating technologies, services, and expertise across the entire solar value chain.


MagmaKart is an Indian e-commerce startup based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It is part of Finvolve group and is a private limited company. Initially, the company concentrated on online fashion apparel, electronics, accessories, and electronic gadgets. We are claiming 12 hour delivery for the first time in India, otherwise, it will be free.

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